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Da   Life....

Welcome one and all to the homepage of Panther529 aka Lady Jay. This is the page of a Strong Black Woman. So all haters and perpetrators that are not on that level step aside. It is about that time for Lady Jay to shine!!!

It is hard to try and understand a woman like me, so don't. So many have said that they would wish to know more. I refuse to tell all....but I may begin to tell a few...

But first...I must tell you where and how it all began. I was born at 6:03 AM on Tuesday, December 1st at the Fort Belvoir Army Hospital in Fairfax County Virginia. I lived in Alexandria, VA for a few months then we moved to Charleston, SC. My father is a retired Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, and my mother is a high school guidance director. I have one older brother (27) who is in the Air Force and stationed at RAFB, GA. He is married and has three children.

I was raised in CHUCKTOWN (Charleston), South Carolina, and am currently a graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC. Wsup to the Class of 2003 from the real HU!!!

As far as love goes...well I'll just say that I haven't found love, and love hasn't found me. Some say I am asking for too much. If love should ever decide to come my way it will be in the form of a Strong Black Man that is honest(he won't try to holla if he is married...), faithful (ain't tryin to be a playa , intelligent(has a damn degree or gettin one), successful(is happy with himself and all that he has accomplished so far in life), independent (ain't living at home with moms and pops), has respect for himself, others but especially the Strong Black Woman (doesn't walk around saying BITCH and using the N-word for his poor lack of word choice. Love will send me a man with goals, a man with potential, one with a sense of humor, and some romantic being that is patient, kind, and understanding. that really too much to ask for? :)


See that Black Woman?
Love that Black Woman.
Never put another above that Black Woman.
Hold that Black Woman.
Don`t try to mold or scold that Black Woman.
Respect that Black woman.
Always protect that Black Woman.
Don`t neglect that Black Woman,
or disrespect that Black Woman.
Cry and Sigh for that Black Woman.
Don`t lie to that Black Woman,
or deny that Black Woman.
Appreciate that Black Woman.
Don`t berate that Black Woman.
Don`t try to emasculate that Black Woman,
or domesticate that Black Woman.
See that Black Woman.
Admire and Desire that Black Woman.
Be inspired by that Black Woman.
Use your mind to set fire to that Black Woman.
Be true to that Black Woman and
Always do for that Black Woman.
Slowly UNDRESS, GENTLY CARESS, KISS, HUG and MAKE LOVE to that Black Woman. Uphold and console that Black Woman.
YOU`RE A FOOL if u think you can CONTROL that BlackWoman.
Share with that Black Woman.
Be FAIR to that Black Woman.
Sincerely care for and always be there for that BlackWoman.
Bow your head and PRAY with that Black Woman.
Remember to stay with that Black Woman.
Stop trying to just LAY with that Black Woman.
Never mind what they say about that Black Woman.
NO OTHER will ever brighten your day like that BLACKWOMAN.
Author Unknown


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